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2022 Reader’s Choice Contest Winners

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Popular Vote
  • The Fool: New Beginnings
  • Woodland Warriors
  • Keeper of the Jewel
  • Karadas: The Veiled Realm
  • Up and Down: Glugg and the Gangoils
  • Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy
  • One of Our Gorillas is Missing!
  • The Very Stubborn Camel
  • Messy Christmas
  • The Potomos and The Papyrus
  • Teddy's Boys
  • The Trials of Ascension
  • Storm Chaser
  • Love and Loki
  • Summer Camp Culprit
  • Read Herring Riddle
  • Dying for a Date
  • Auction Block Bandit
  • 77 1/2 Herbs
  • Get Your Book Selling on Kickstarter
  • The Marketing Psychology Playbook
  • Revenge
  • The Peaceful VIllage
  • Woman of Flames
  • Brianna in Cymru
  • Poisoned Lily
  • Into the Salton Sea
  • The Child of Time
  • Sable
  • A Ghostly Affair
  • Handprints
  • Graham
  • When Angels Mourn
  • Amsterdam Calling
  • After the Devil
  • Codename Foxglove
  • The Wrong House
  • Small Things
  • Deadly Envy
  • Listless in Turkey

Congratulations to all of our finalists whether they received a medal or not.  The competition was tough and all of our entries were amazing books by some great authors.  Why not add them to your TBR list.  And come back next year, so we can do it all again!