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2021 Reader’s Choice Awards

Voting and contest details can be found under the “Contest Rules” tab.  Use the filter options to the right to see Highest or Lowest votes or to filter by category.  Voting begins July 1st and ends July 19th.  Good luck to all the finalists!  If you would like to share a listing on social media, click on the entry then use the icons below the cover to share with all your followers.  The heart icon to the left shows the current number of votes.  The eye shows number of views.

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Title: Do Chickens Have Lips? by Deborah Stevenson
Author: Melanie P. Smith
Votes: 2

Category: Childrens
Views: 79
Description: Chicken has a crush on Dolly Duck. She’s pretty and nice and she smells like a pond on a summer day. Egg fancies Dolly’s friend, Eggwina. It will take courage to ask the girls to the square dance at the barn. Will they say“Yes”? And, if they do, Chicken has an even bigger dilemma: When it’s time for a goodnight kiss, what will he do? Chicken is not sure he has lips, and Egg can’t confirm or deny. Will love find a way?