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In addition to writing, I also love to take pictures.  One of my favorite subjects is wildlife but I also enjoy a good sunset, birds on the beach and Spring flowers.  As an author, I try to create beauty through words. As a Utahn, I'm also lucky enough to live in a place where I'm surrounded by natural beauty every day. For me, taking pictures as I enjoy nature provides a meaningful way to document that beauty. It also provides a great canvas for my next great book cover. The brochure featured below contains a few of my favorites. Hope you'll take a minute to see them for yourself.

Last year's calendar was such a hit, I decided to make it an annual publication.  You can view my calendar online, share it with all your friends on various social media sites, or download/print for FREE.  To download or share, just click open then download PDF and print using tools on the left side of the screen.   Want a quick calendar on your phone,  bookmark this link and save it to your home screen for easy access.  Hope you enjoy!

Previous calendars - You might like the photos included in previous calendars so I thought I'd leave them on my website.  Hope you enjoy!