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My Paige Carter Series includes a number of reoccurring characters.  Some are in pretty much every episode, others pop in now and again.  To help my readers remember who is who, as they begin each new episode, I have compiled a list of characters and a brief description.  Hope this helps and thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy reading about Paige Carter as much as I enjoy writing her story.

Paige Carter

Paige is the main character of this series.  She grew up as an army brat until her father was killed on a top-secret military mission.  She moved to Manti with her mother, who was murdered when Paige was a senior in high school.  After graduation, she left town and ultimately became an FBI Agent.  The series begins with Paige quitting the FBI and moving back home to Manti, Utah where she becomes a local deputy.

Dax Hamilton

Dax (Full name is Maddax Hamilton) lives next door to Paige.  He is rehabbing his house and initially, Paige believes he is just a sexy carpenter that is overprotective.  She later learns he used to be in the military and commanded a Special Forces Unit before he retired.

Chaya Carter

Chaya is Paige's mother.  She was murdered when Paige was a senior in high school.  She was married to Dylan Carter until he was killed on a top-secret military mission in the Middle-East.  The mission was called Operation Bronze Gate.  He died a hero and lost his life saving one of his men.  Chaya moved to Manti just before her mother passed away and she inherited the family home.  Her homicide was never solved and Paige moved back to town, hoping to solve the cold-case and bring justice to the man who killed her mother.  Chaya had two close friends in high school - Tracy Douglas and Samara Vega.  Tracy also died under mysterious circumstances their senior year.

Jericho Walters

Jericho is the Sanpete County Sheriff.  He knew Paige when she was a child and was very close to Chaya Carter, Paige's mother, before she was murdered.  He is an old-school cop.  He's savvy - in policing, politics and leading.  He is a good cop, well respected and uses his knowledge, experience and logic to solve crimes.

Nathan Porter

Nathan Porter is a retired Army General.  He's made a fortune as a consultant and still heads up special committees for the Pentagon.  He has a lot of power in Washington and is close to the President.  He was best friends with Paige's father, Dylan, and promised to look after Paige when Dylan was killed.  His wife is Sophie and the couple are very close to Paige and think of her as an adopted daughter.  He enlists the help of Dax in secret to protect Paige.

Gage Clayton

Gage is a giant of a man.  In high school, he was nicknamed Teddy because he is large but softhearted like a big teddy bear.  He was a childhood friend to Paige.  He used to play football and was a linebacker in the NFL until he was injured and returned to Manti to become a Deputy for the Sanpete County Sheriff's Office.  His friend and fellow football star, Mark Gallagher, also retired and now lives in Manti.  Mark eventually becomes the high school football coach.

Dean Bridges

Dean was the rookie at Sanpete until Paige comes to town.  He didn't grow up in Manti but moved there after there was some trouble with his family.  Paige thinks he looks like Liam Neesan.  He is a race car driver in his free time and is good friends with Duncan Havilland (a part-time deputy and full-time officer with Laurel Bluffs).  Duncan is also a racer.

Duncan Havilland

Duncan is a full-time officer with Laurel Bluffs, a neighboring city with their own police department.  He gets hired by Sanpete County as a part-time deputy and ultimately accepts a job working for them full-time.  He had a rough start with Gage because he dated Gage's sister (Christy) for a short time years earlier.  He is a racer and good friends with Dean Bridges.

Logan Reed

Logan is a young deputy just out of the academy.  He gets hired as a reserve officer but eventually is brought on full-time when Jericho convinces the mayor he needs more manpower.  He idolizes Paige and looks to her for guidance.

Mike Lovato

Mike is a seasoned cop who retired from Salt Lake City Police Department.  He moved to Manti and now works part-time as a reserve officer.  He isn't always patient on routine calls, but has a reputation as someone you want on your detail if things go bad.  He has good cop instincts and tactics but is a little nonchalant on the non-emergency stuff.

Margie Gonzales

Margie is Jericho's administrative assistant.  He frequently calls her Marge.  She is also the daytime dispatcher and is very skilled in conducting backgrounds and researching.  She is in her 50's, is smart, efficient and loves her job.  She has a son, Riley, that is an attorney.

Sean Wilkens

Sean is an agent with the FBI.  He reconnected with Paige when his sister's baby was stolen from the hospital.  Later, he is reassigned to the Salt Lake district and ends up working closely with Paige, Jericho and Nathan Porter.

Carmen Fennelly

Carmen was good friends with Paige at Quantico.  She works for the FBI and got into trouble for going over her supervisors head on a case.  Nathan rescued her and assigned her to his Intelligence Committee, which angered her boss.  She is an expert hacker.  She was dating a cop from Chicago PD (Brian Stewart) who was ambushed and killed.  She is dating Zeus while she hides out in Manti because the people that killed Brian are after her.

Dax's Military Unit

  • Kenneth Woolsey (Wooly).  Was injured in Afghanistan.  Dax travels to Las Vegas to help his wife (Jaimie) deal with a loan shark.  He moves to Nephi after the trouble in Vegas.  He is the team logistic guy and can get anything when working a mission.
  • Travis Boudin (Zeus) - When he left the service, he got into highly risky extraction/ recovery jobs.  He was the teams extraction and explosives specialist.  Dax had to rescue him from a Mexican prison where he was badly beaten.  He is dating Carmen Fennelly.
  • Blaze Hawthorne (Hawk) - Was the assistant team leader and Intel guy on the team.  He is a no-nonsense guy that likes to have control.
  • Giles Fowler (Jeeves) - Team medic, very likable
  • Sterling Baxter (Thor) - Got his nickname because he is huge and muscular like Thor.  He is the tactics expert for the team.
  • Vato - is still an Army Ranger.  Sister is Camille, currently serving in Iraq
  • Jared Soloman (Solo) is still an active Ranger.
  • Bucket - still an active Ranger.  He tried to talk Dax out of retiring.
  • Mark Rickets (Maverick) - Killed in the last mission Dax supervised.
  • Alejandro Molina (Mo) - Cop in Mexico.  He assists the team when needed. His friend, Diego was killed by the organization Porter is after

Reoccurring Townspeople

Judge Steven Potter -Local District Judge
Judge Elaine Parker - Family Court Judge
James Tolman - District Attorney
Stan Donaldson (Local prosecutor with a past that is exploited by Dan)
Brandon Mahanta (Forest) - Local Forest Service Rep
Heidi - Forensics Tech for Sanpete County
Susie - Night dispatcher
Mayor Adam Fowler - Manti City Mayor
Captain Wingate - Division Commander in the Jail
Eric Graham - Police Union attorney
Benny Parks - Medical Examiner
Chief Patrick Strong - Gunnison PD
Chief Timothy Beckett - Laurel Bluffs PD
Frank Hopkins - Tow Truck Driver & Tow Mechanic