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Series: Warrior | Book 1
Release Date: July 24, 2014

Some Secrets can be Lethal.

From the outside looking in, Alex Deveraux has it all; a loving family, a business empire, and a bright future. But, the Deveraux family has secrets — deadly secrets. And those secrets have finally caught up to Alex. Caught between two realities, she is forced into a world she never knew existed and a destiny she never wanted.

Grieving the loss of her father only a year after her mother’s death, Alex finds herself in a world she doesn’t understand?  She has lived her entire life as a human, oblivious to her true lineage.  Her world is turned upside down when her brother — the only family she has left — reveals the family secret.  Alex is half-human, half-fae.  She is also the reigning fae queen — a title she inherited a year ago when her mother died.  Her people desperately need a strong leader to survive because they are at war with the vampires — and the bloodsucking king wants Alex dead.  Can she overcome the shock, conquer her insecurities, and rise to the challenge? Or will she die a horrible death — just like her parents?  And how will Dimitri, the sexy new warrior leader, play into her future?

After Dark

Series: Warrior | Book 2
Release Date: September 22, 2014

Every Wound Leaves a Scar

For both Ariel and Victor, their childhood holds shocking secrets. Ariel was traumatized at nineteen, but it would have been worse if Dimitri hadn’t saved her. For over five hundred years she has worked hard to put that brief moment behind her and create a tough outer shell that conveys strength, self-confidence, and independence. But nothing is ever what it appears. The slightest provocation could shatter the façade Ariel has so carefully crafted and send her spiraling into a world driven by panic and fear.  With so much at stake why is she so drawn to the sexy, but dangerous, warrior with hard muscles, a bad attitude, and an irresistible smile?

Victor is a successful business owner with a wild streak.  He’s also a loner with colossal trust issues. He barely survived a brutal childhood that destroyed his family completely.  Now, years later, he is still suffering from the aftermath.  He’s been shunned by the community he has dedicated his life to protect, his reputation is in ruins, and his biggest mistake has suddenly resurfaced and threatens to destroy his future.  And yet, he can’t stop thinking about a sensual blonde with long legs, a knockout body, and irresistible charm.

Shattered and skeptical, they must join forces to help a new ally — but will their past destroy their future? Both are wounded souls in need of rescue. Can they find the courage to open their hearts, reveal their secrets, and overcome the most terrifying obstacle they have ever faced?


Series: Warrior | Novella 2.5
Release Date: January 6, 2015

Shy, dependable, and — Human.

Marta has spent her entire life growing up in a world that most only read about in novels.  She’s known the Deveraux secret for years. Vampires and Faeries do exist.  So do tall, dark and handsome gentlemen that seem to live forever.  Her childhood crush on the seductive and dangerous warrior has turned into a lifelong unrequited love affair.  She cherishes their friendship but desperately wants more.  Is she brave enough to let him see her true feelings?

Jake has endured centuries alone, accepting that he can never have the woman he loves.  He’s a warrior living in a world of danger — and, she’s human.  In the beginning, he kept his distance out of respect for his best friend— who was also Marta’s employer.  Now, he’s finding it harder and harder to resist temptation.  He’s tired and lonely but a relationship with Marta can only end in heartache.  Will love prevail over biology?  And, for how long?


Series: Warrior | Book 3
Release Date: December 28, 2014

Sam has two passions, electronics and vampire hunting. So when her boss, Alex Deveraux, approaches her with a new job assignment she is both excited and apprehensive. The job itself is too good to turn down. It’s an opportunity to work on a challenging secret project that could catapult D-tech light years ahead of their competition. But there’s a catch. Alex will be sending her miles away from New York to a deserted old military fort. Sam knows she is being isolated on purpose. Her boss doesn't like Sam’s extracurricular activities. If she accepts the transfer, her vampire hunting days will be over, probably for months. After what those monsters did to her family, she’s not sure she can put that mission on hold for so long. On the flip side, if she refuses, she might lose her job.

Ty needs a break. Living with so many warriors is getting on his nerves. It’s impossible to get any work done with so much noise. His new game is behind schedule and his distributors are grumbling. When Dimitri approaches him with a new assignment, one that will take him outside New York to a secluded and blissfully quiet old Fort he jumps at the chance. Then he learns the catch, a human female will be joining him. He doesn't have time to babysit a human, especially one naive enough to think she can hunt vampires and survive. He just hopes she really does know electronics because if not, his perfect getaway is going to be short lived.


Series: Warrior | Book 4
Release Date: April 20, 2015

Thomas Deveraux has been considered the most eligible bachelor in New York for years. The death of his wealthy father only moved that status higher. Then, in an instant, Thomas shifts from most desirable to most wanted. First, a woman he was seen having drinks with is found murdered in an alley. Then, Deveraux Industry employees begin to die. Thomas is forced out of the war with the vampires and into a conflict with the local police. Can Thomas and his friends solve the mystery and find the real killer, or will he have to go into hiding for decades?

Abby Cooper is a shifter. For the most part she has gotten over the trauma of being kidnapped by vampires and held hostage for days. The one thing she can’t get over, is her attraction to Thomas Deveraux; one of the warriors that rescued her. She knows she doesn’t stand a chance, she’s a nobody and he’s practically a celebrity. As the war rages on, Abby forces herself to admire Thomas from a distance. But when she sees a woman drug him at dinner, Abby can’t resist her need to help. When that same woman is found dead later that night and Thomas becomes the prime suspect, Abby’s determination to protect Thomas intensifies. As more and more bodies are discovered, Abby enters a dangerous game where her adversary is not only a killer but also the police. Can Abby find the answers they need? Will Thomas ever see her as a woman, not just a friend? Or will both of their lives be altered forever?


Series: Warrior | Novella 4.5
Release Date: May 7, 2015

Intrepid flashes back to the events from the previous book. Learn how Atticus and Tala got together. Want to know more about the murders and the serial killer responsible? Intrepid has the answers. DO NOT read this book unless you have read Shadow (Warrior Series Book 4). It contains SPOILERS and will not make sense if you have not read the previous books in the series.


Series: Warrior | Book 5
Release Date: August 7, 2015

Bastian Carrigan is rich, brilliant and completely unobtainable. Those close to him believe he is a happy terminal bachelor, but deep down the warrior is lonely. His mother died when he was fourteen, his father a short time later. Being orphaned at such a young age has had a profound impact on the way Bastian lives his life. He has always been a loner and doesn’t even let his most valued friends get too close. Rather than engaging in risky relationships, Bastian has dedicated his life to his work but lately science just isn’t enough.
Kylee Quintana is a doctor. She followed a patient to Seneca and never looked back. She’s intrigued by the new world she stumbled across and surprised she fits in so perfectly. Unfortunately humans are the underdog in this mystical domain where vampires and warriors are the norm. Especially when it comes to the prominent and sexy Bastian Carrigan. Kylee has never felt such intense animal magnetism for a man before. Too bad, the feeling isn’t mutual.

As Radek ups his game to keep the warriors preoccupied, family secrets are revealed and a new threat emerges from the forest surrounding the fort. Can Bastian and Kylee work together to save a human victim? Will Kylee find a way to survive in such a dangerous world? Can she make a man love her who is determined to avoid her? Will sparks fly or disappointment rein?


Series: Warrior | Book 6
Release Date: February 7, 2016

Lillie is a loner. She’s never been comfortable around people, a fact that always irritated her ex-husband. But all that is slowly changing. She loves her job with Tyson Electronics. Sam and Ty Brody are great to work for, even if some of their passengers make her uncomfortable and self-conscious. When the Brody’s approach her looking for a pilot for a personal project, she jumps at the chance. Even though she knows it’s going to force her to move out of her comfort zone and get to know Ty’s friends. Unfortunately, Lillie soon realizes there is something strange about her new assignment. Are Sam, Ty and all their friends doing something illegal? Is she going to lose her pilots license after all? Will her life ever be normal? And, will she still have a job if her employers learn about her sordid past?

Nick and Dante are best friends. They have known each other for centuries. When Dimitri decides it’s time for the warriors to take the offense, the two friends are the obvious choice to lead up the project. But how will they react to Ty’s shy, but attractive pilot? Can a bond that has lasted over two hundred years withstand the pressure? Or will a woman finally bring about the end of a friendship?


Series: Warrior | Book 7
Release Date: August 11, 2016

The exciting conclusion. Cornelia is struggling with her decision to remain in New York. The longer she stays, the more dangerous her situation becomes. If she is captured by the vampires, the entire fae community may be at risk. But she can’t bring herself to break her promise to the queen, or Dante, and flee. For one thing, there’s still the mystery surrounding Lillie and her ex-husband to solve. How long can she walk this tight-rope before her entire world collides and her secrets are revealed?
Dante feels lost. His two best friends have found their mates and are moving forward with their new lives. He’s glad they found happiness, but where does that leave him? Dante realized long ago he would always be alone. He thought he had made peace with that reality. But, when his past collides with the present, Dante is forced to face a history he’s been avoiding for decades.

The war against the vampires has intensified. Ally leaders come together and formulate a strategy to save their communities. But, an offensive attack is risky. Can their people survive a major battle with Radek and his coven? Or is it already too late? And why are three vampire kings involved in a local struggle for power? Do they have a secret agenda, or are they in New York to ensure peace?