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Chaos: Warrior Series Book 5

ISBN 978-0986096945

He has a troubled past, she can barely survive the present, will they have a future?

Danger everywhere... Bastian Carrigan is rich, brilliant and completely unobtainable. Those close to him believe he is a happy terminal bachelor, but deep down the warrior is lonely. His mother died when he was fourteen, his father a short time later. Being orphaned at such a young age has had a profound impact on the way Bastian lives his life. He has always been a loner and doesn’t even let his most valued friends get too close. Rather than engaging in risky relationships, Bastian has dedicated his life to his work but lately science just isn’t enough.

Kylee Quintana is a doctor. She followed a patient to Seneca and never looked back. She’s intrigued by the new world she stumbled across and surprised she fits in so perfectly. Unfortunately humans are the underdog in this mystical domain where vampires and warriors are the norm. Especially when it comes to the prominent and sexy Bastian Carrigan. Kylee has never felt such intense animal magnetism for a man before. Too bad, the feeling isn’t mutual.

As Radek ups his game to keep the warriors preoccupied, family secrets are revealed and a new threat emerges from the forest surrounding the fort. Can Bastian and Kylee work together to save a human victim? Will Kylee find a way to survive in such a dangerous world? Can she make a man love her who is determined to avoid her? Will sparks fly or disappointment win?

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3 comments on “Chaos”

  1. Linda Taylor Reply

    Fantastic Book!!!!! Hope she writes/edits fast. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

  2. Jonilin Reply

    This was another book that kept me intrigued from start to finish. The changes that Melanie takes you through make you feel like you’re part of the story.

  3. Lee Smith Reply

    The saga continues with Book 5 in Melanie P. Smith’s Warrior Series, against a backdrop of ongoing war between the Fae people and the sadistic Vampire King. In this installment we are introduced to two new characters, Bastian Carrigan the quiet warrior, and Kylee Quintana the ER doctor who follows Samantha Reed back to the Seneca compound thinking Samantha’s frequent injuries are a result of domestic abuse. Kylee is not at all prepared for what she finds.

    Kylee’s developing relationship with Bastian seems normal enough in the beginning but takes an unexpected twist, one that I didn’t see coming at all. Masterfully written. Well worth the read.

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