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Series: Immortals | Book 1
Release Date: July 25, 2020

Part Mortal, Part Divinity, Fully Devoted.

The gathering has begun. Six demigods embark on an epic journey of danger, mystical creatures, dark magic, and intrigue. When an ancient prophesy is triggered, the tale of six powerful immortals begins. Legend has it, the chosen six will triumph over evil and restore peace. But first, they must gather together and converge on the land where their parents were defeated. Time is running out, the Titans want revenge, and the future of the entire world is at stake.

Meet the immortals -The wiccan, the shifter, the Master of Water, the siren, the healer, the Reader of Minds. Their destiny awaits — if they accept their fate and unite to confront a dangerous enemy in the battle of a lifetime.  


Series: Immortals | Book 2
Release Date: Coming 2024

An ancient legend, a reluctant doctor, and a beautiful siren

Legend has it, six immortals will unite, defeat the Titans and save earth. Each comes from a family with extraordinary talents. Their special powers set them apart from conventional mortals. But with power comes great responsibility. Can they join together in this season of training and preparation. Or, will outside influences tear them apart? Dark forces are looming, and a deadly enemy is unpredictable.

Izzy has been careful to conceal her true identity. Her powers frighten and confuse her. Can she face the ghosts of her past and learn to trust herself, or is she destined to be alone forever? Corbin has always had to hide his gifts, now he must set aside everything he knows and trust his heart. Does he have the courage to accept his place in this circle and face the most terrifying challenge of his life?