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Exposed: Warrior Series Book 6

ISBN 978-0986096969

Two Men, One Woman.  Can their friendship survive the strain?

Lillie is a loner. She’s never been comfortable around people, a fact that always irritated her ex-husband. But all that is slowly changing. She loves her job with Tyson Electronics. Sam and Ty Brody are great to work for, even if some of their passengers make her uncomfortable and self-conscious. When the Brody’s approach her looking for a pilot for a personal project, she jumps at the chance. Even though she knows it’s going to force her to move out of her comfort zone and get to know Ty’s friends. Unfortunately, Lillie soon realizes there is something strange about her new assignment. Are Sam, Ty and all their friends doing something illegal? Is she going to lose her pilots license after all? Will her life ever be normal? And, will she still have a job if her employers learn about her sordid past?

Nick and Dante are best friends. They have known each other for centuries. When Dimitri decides it’s time for the warriors to take the offense, the two friends are the obvious choice to lead up the project. But how will they react to Ty’s shy, but attractive pilot? Can a bond that has lasted over two hundred years withstand the pressure? Or will a woman finally bring about the end of a friendship?

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  1. Jonilin Reply

    Lillie is such a quiet soul. I love how Melanie has brought her into the storyline. The war rages on….

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