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*** Animal Photos ***

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Bulk Elk in Spring

Antelope Buck

Antelope Family

Antelope Doe

Big Horn Ewe

Big Horn Ram

Adolescent Big Horn

Black Bear 2

Black Bear 3

Black Bear 4

Border Collie

Buffalo Herd

Yellowstone Buffalo

Cow Moose

Coyote Sillouette


Domestic Horse

Winter Elk (Doe)

Mule Deer (Doe)

Utah Buffallo

Paint Horse

Moose Silhouette

Mule Deer

Yosemite Squirrel


Wild Doe

Rocky Mountain Wolf

Doe Elk Duo

King of the Hill

Young Big Horn Sheep

White Wolf Guard

Young Big Horn Sheep Candid

Young Bull Moose

Fox Hunting

Antelope Doe

Big Horn

Antelope Twins

Big Horn Ram Candid

Young Big Horn posing

Winter Bull Elk

Winter Elk

Wolf Friends

Black Bear