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Jake and Marta's Story

Marta went to work for the Deveraux family when she was just a kid. Her mother was their housekeeper before her. She grew up idolizing the handsome lawyer, who was also best friends with her boss, Luke Deveraux. Once she reached adulthood her childhood crush turned into a full blown unrequited love affair. She tried dating other men, but they never quite compared to the sexy, gentle man she secretly wanted. Marta and Jake share a comfortable friendship, but she desperately wants more. Is she brave enough to let him see her true feelings? And if she does, will he shatter her heart or give them a chance?

Jake Wilder is nine hundred and twenty three years old. He never married and is sure he never will. The only woman he has ever loved is a human. In the beginning, Jake avoided a relationship with Marta out of respect for his friend, Luke Deveraux. Marta was Luke and Marlena’s employee and trusted friend. Since she reached adulthood, he hasn’t so much as looked at another woman. He’s tired and lonely, but knows a relationship with Marta will only end in heartache. But with his best friend gone, he is finding it harder and harder to resist the temptation.

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