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Dawn: Warrior Series Book 3

ISBN 978-0986096914

Just when her life was back on track, one mistake changed everything

The Offense begins... Sam has two passions, electronics and vampire hunting. So when her boss, Alex Deveraux, approaches her with a new job assignment she is both excited and apprehensive. The job itself is too good to turn down. It’s an opportunity to work on a challenging secret project that could catapult D-tech light years ahead of their competition. But there’s a catch. Alex will be sending her miles away from New York to a deserted old military fort. Sam knows she is being isolated on purpose. Her boss doesn't like Sam’s extracurricular activities. If she accepts the transfer, her vampire hunting days will be over, probably for months. After what those monsters did to her family, she’s not sure she can put that mission on hold for so long. On the flip side, if she refuses she might lose her job.

Ty needs a break. Living with so many warriors is getting on his nerves. It’s impossible to get any work done with so much noise. His new game is behind schedule and his distributors are grumbling. When Dimitri approaches him with a new assignment, one that will take him outside New York to a secluded and blissfully quiet old fort he jumps at the chance. Then he learns the catch, a human female will be joining him. He doesn't have time to babysit a human, especially one naive enough to think she can hunt vampires and survive. He just hopes she really does know electronics because if not, his perfect getaway is going to be short lived.

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1 comments on “Dawn”

  1. Jonilin Reply

    Melanie has done it again! Melanie’s story telling continues. I can’t wait to see what she tells in Shadows. I couldn’t put Dawn down until I had finished.

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