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Hidden Lakes (Western Romance)

ISBN 978-0986096907

She thought she was starting a new chapter but maybe she's just reliving the past.

Melissa is a single mother and a widow. Her husband, a fireman, passed away while valiantly saving the life of a small family just over a year ago. Melissa is struggling financially and has now moved back into her childhood home in Hidden Lakes Colorado. She is hoping that a move from the big city to a small town will be therapeutic for both herself and her seven year old son, Jeremy. There’s only one catch, Shane Chandler.

Shane is a cowboy through and through. He runs a large ranch on the outskirts of town. He had a rough childhood and it shows. He’s rugged, sexy and set in his ways. He loves his ranch, but he loves his daughter even more. The road to being a successful rancher and a good father was a difficult one, but he wouldn’t change a thing. Well, except maybe one.

Shane and Melissa have history. The two were considered the perfect couple by the entire town of Hidden Lakes before another woman came between them. Melissa left town and Shane did his best to move on with his life. Hidden Lakes is a small, cozy town. Can the two of them coexist in such a tight community considering their history? And how will Shane react if he discovers Melissa’s secret?

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4 comments on “Hidden Lakes”

  1. Jonilin Reply

    Suspense filled with anticipation!!!
    Ok! Melanie P Smith is an amazing writer! Her books keep me wanting more and more until I can’t put them down and have to continue no matter the hour! This book had me continue on because I knew each chapter would give me more of answer to the end. 1st book in a long time that made me want to go to the end to make sure things would happen! Truly in awe

  2. Chris Jensen Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Melanie has created another top rated story and I had a hard time putting the book down. I wish she would continue the story line with another book about these characters.

  3. Lee Smith Reply

    One of life’s little pleasures is picking up a book to read and discovering that you picked a good one. This time it was Hidden Lakes. A modern day Western Romance. The story line is very human, the characters easy to relate to, may even remind you of someone. The author’s writing style has an easy flow. The book is well written and provides an enjoyable read.

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