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Imprinted Lorimar Shifter Novella


When two worlds collide... can they resist temptation?

Willow Grayson is looking for a new start. Gavin Lorimar just wants to be left alone. When their worlds collide, they get more than either of them bargained for.

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2 comments on “Imprinted”

  1. Penny Reply

    An Exciting Short Read…

    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this tale of a young woman coming to terms with her extraordinary gift. She transforms herself into a beautiful wolf. This is the story of courage, love and finding her way in the world. What more could you ask for? I couldn’t put my kindle down.

  2. SK Holmesley Reply

    In “Imprinted: Novella (Lorimar Shifter Book 1)” by Melanie P. Smith, Willow is finally where she wants to be. Despite that, initially neither she nor Gavin, who is still in mourning for the mate he lost, realize that destiny doesn’t ask permission before imposing its will. Three years have past since he came back to Utah, but Gavin has not moved on. Then, he meets Willow. On that first meeting, when they run together, each in their wolf form, Gavin claims her, but then drops her just as abruptly.

    In this initial book in the Lorimar Shifter series, we are introduced not only to Willow, but also to Gavin, his pack leader Micah and other members of his pack. To Willow, though she knew why they were not affiliated with a pack, because her family had not told her the ancient folklore of those who were lycanthrope, the tales Gavin tells are new and, in some ways, unbelievable.

    “Imprinted” is not the story, but an introduction to the story that is to come. Things are changing, not only for Gavin and Willow, but also for Gavin’s pack as their peaceful valley is invaded by another pack.

    This book was a good start for what promises to be an entertaining series. It builds the world that Willow and Gavin live in, introduces us to those I’m assuming will be the main characters in the series as it progresses, and establishes the rules these lycanthrope live by. These lycanthropes are not the werewolves of those campy movies of the 20th century, where whichever human so cursed had no self-control and could barely, if even that, remember the havoc they had wrought when changed, but closer to the primary lycanthrope character in “Grimm” (NBC, 2011-2017), where Monroe not only knew what he was doing in both his human and werewolf form, but also remembered afterwards. Like Monroe, Melanie’s characters display an underlying humanity when in their wolf form, while having to battle a streak of instinctual primal ferocity that at times afflicts them in their human form.

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