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Paige Carter Season 2

ISBN 978-1948629102

He’s watching her; she’s hunting him

Season 2 continues to bring a unique blend of criminal suspense, police procedure and human interaction. Paige Carter is still working to rebuild her personal and professional life; one step at a time. Follow her progress as she fights crime, searches for a killer, and tries to deal with the undeniable chemistry she shares with her mysterious neighbor.

Paige is about to face a threat nobody saw coming. A murderer is still at large – One that is watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike; Paige and Jericho continue their hunt for a killer. Can they rebuild their personal and professional relationships to fight local crime and solve a mystery that has haunted them both for over a decade?


  • Bad Blood
  • Ancient Thievery
  • Lethal Remedy
  • Pernicious Liaisons
  • Shadow Rustler
  • Desperate Love
  • Kindred Discord
  • Unexpected Threats
  • Hostile Annihilation

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