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Set in 2036, the world of Zeeka Chronicles is modern and futuristic. No one is aware that something evil is afoot. The villainous Zeeka is planning revenge and is breeding zombies to wipe out the Islanders on Gosh. Why does he want revenge? Is Zeeka a man or a beast? New technology and scientific breakthroughs in the field of medical science set the stage for the unimaginable in this tale of a hateful man, kidnapping, love, lies, revenge, female robots, a ghost, a deadly virus, sixty programmable zombies, corruption in the police force, and a hero you will love. Dr. Steven Sharpe knows Zeeka’s secrets. Can he expose Zeeka without risking his life and that of his beloved family? Will Detectives Jack Wildy and Jerry Cole discover the truth? Can secrets remain buried? What part does Janet, Raynor, Mandy, Miranda, and Zombie Number Nine play? Buy on Amazon

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