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Horror-Thriller Books

Deadly Envy
A DCI Gerald Croft Thriller
by Sarah Stuart

2023 Finalist

DCI Croft returns from a family holiday to find his house has been burgled. An armed raid at a jeweller has ended in tragedy, with the owner shot dead. Was it a robbery gone wrong or revenge? Kidnap, suicide pacts, murder, and theft – can DCI Croft stop the crime wave before he finds himself in the chief superintendent’s firing line, literally!

Reader's Favorite Review: Deadly Envy by Sarah Stuart is one of the best thrillers I have ever read. Each chapter tells the story of a different character, drip-feeding their backstories throughout the book. All the characters are well-developed to the point where you feel like you know them; you'll even find yourself rooting for one of the baddies. Suspense builds throughout this expertly written tale, and you won't put it down, desperate to know what happens next and how it all ends – you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended to anyone who likes crime thrillers and wants a suspenseful, action-packed plot to test their skills of deduction.


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