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From the outside looking in, Alex Deveraux has it all.  Her mother married the wealthiest man in the nation, maybe the world.  She has an older brother who adores her and a father, Luke, who would do anything to make her happy.  But the Deveraux family has secrets, deadly secrets.  And those secrets have finally caught up to Alex.  Her mother died just over a year ago.  Now her father is barely holding on so he can say goodbye.  Alex needs to know what is happening to her family.  The only one that can help is her brother.  But does she really want to hear what Thomas has to say?

Alex is half-human/half-fae.  She has lived her entire life as a human, oblivious to her true lineage.  When her father dies, her life is turned upside down.  She is forced into a world she never knew existed and a destiny she never wanted.  You see... Alex is the Fae Queen and her people are at war with the vampires.  They need a strong leader if they are going to survive.  Can Alex overcome her insecurities and rise to the challenge?  And how will Dimitri, the sexy new warrior leader play into her future?

Casting Call

Dusk was the start of it all.  It's not only the first installment of my Warrior Series, but it was the first book I ever published.  Now that the entire series is complete, I thought we could have a little fun.  Below is a list of characters, basic traits and roles each one plays in the book.  Leave me a comment and tell me what actor you think should be cast to play my characters if the story was ever published into a movie.  

In honor of dreaming big and the celebrities that could make it possible, I have developed my own Dream Cast and posted their images on Pinterest (easily seen to the right).  So, now it's your turn. To add a picture, just find one you like on the web and paste the URL in your comments.   Ready...Go!  Can't wait to see who you come up with, I'm sure there are many I haven't thought of.

Main Characters ----------------------------------------------

Other Supporting ----------------------------------------------

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