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Children's Chapter Books

Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy
An Ancient Egypt Children’s Mystery
Kid Detective Zet Series
by Scott Peters

Bronze Medal: Children’s Chapter Books

Welcome back to the world of Zet, where a kid can be a hero and fight for the good of all.

12-year-old Zet is supposed to be helping out at his family pottery stall. But how can he focus when there are mysteries to be solved? Like his latest problem: there’s a mummy in town that’s haunting the streets at night. Why won’t it leave Zet’s dusty, ancient civilization in peace? By the beard of Osiris, this new case is destined to throw Zet into serious hot water. Still, he can’t help himself. A run-in with the Royal Mummy Maker reveals the strange secrets of mummification. But will it be enough to unwind this puzzling mystery? Zet wants answers. Then again, what kid wouldn’t? He’ll have to think fast if he wants to rid ancient Egypt of crime. Can Zet unwrap this tangled tale and still make it home for dinner?


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