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Children's Chapter Books

Up and Down: Glugg and the Gangoils
by Sarah Hindmarsh

Gold Medal: Popular Vote
Silver Medal: Children’s Chapter Books

Gluggity Bubbletop never wanted to be special. Except that he did want to be a fish-wizard (or is it wizard fish?). More than that though he would like to survive a few more seasons and the fire demons in the land of Up are definitely making that difficult. Can he dodge the extra-hot fireballs, evade the gangoils and stop the fire demons destroying the village of Down long enough to find out if he has a magical talent?

This extraordinary book has the unique distinction of being written FOR twelve year old boys (and girls) BY twelve year old boys. Children from ages ten to fourteen will love this high-stakes, fast-paced adventure and be lost in the outrageous world of Up and Down. Invented by twelve year old students, Dominic and Sam, the world of Up and Down, the fish people that live there and the fire demons who cause all of their problems is a world like nothing you have ever encountered before. With a penguin king, hot sauce everywhere, and not forgetting the exciting (and bloodthirsty) sport of bubbleball, and even more hot sauce, it is truly unforgettable, for all the right reasons.


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