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Romance Books

The Brothers of Hastings Ranch Series Book 1
by Katharine E. Hamilton

Gold Medal: Romance Books
#4 Overall

Receiving a frantic call from her friend Alice, Julia McComas packs her bags and heads to a ranch in Texas where she encounters critters, cows, and a handful of handsome cowboy brothers. Her presence interrupts their daily routine, and one brother in particular makes his annoyance well known: Graham.

As the oldest of seven brothers, Graham Hastings takes his role as leader of the family business seriously. Not only does he keep the family ranch running, but he also keeps a tight rope on all his brothers. But when Julia McComas winds up living in his guest house, her presence shakes up more than just ranch life. It shakes up his heart.

Can Julia learn the ways of the ranch?

Can Graham let go of the reins enough to let love into his heart?


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