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Thriller | Suspense

Listless In Turkey
Jessica Taylor Suspense Thrillers Book 1
by Onia Fox

2022 Finalist

Listless In Turkey is a standalone prequel to my debut novel Covid Blues And Twos; they can be read in either order. It is a page-turning romp with adult references and is embarrassingly autobiographical – with some names changed to protect the guilty. Onia Fox is most definitely a pen name. People are seldom who they seem and always who they areJessica has a few balls to juggle, both at home and at work, as her personal life unravels in the spring of 2016. To put some order to the chaos and with the help of her best friend, a bowl of noodles and a second bottle of Pinot, Jessica writes another list – a plan for her future.The list becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, safely folded into her journal as she romps across Europe and beyond, to the backdrop of the unfolding Turkish Military Coup. Be careful what you wish for. Listless In Turkey is a believably accurate suspense thriller – rooted firmly in fact and personal experience, with just a smattering of fiction to keep it real. This novel is part genuine travel memoir and part fictional thriller, with plenty of intriguing, insightful and fun glimpses into the rich culture and history of the modern Republic of Turkey. The narrative is very much character led, following our hero Jessica Taylor (nee Khan) bouncing around life whilst applying her own, sometimes reckless, logic and coping mechanisms to the situations in which she finds herself. Love Jessica and you will love Listless In Turkey – and everyone loves Jessica.


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