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Romance Books

Secret Voice
by Lesley Haye

Bronze Medal — Romance Books

Love is a mystery, isn’t it? All those secrets and deceits it can involve, and the choices it demands of a questioning heart. And so it is for Maggie, and her daughter, Sophie. The year is 1958 and women are still learning the heavy cost of liberation in a post-war England very different from today. Twelve-year-old Sophie is not as artless as she looks, and is keeping a watchful eye on her mother now the charismatic writer Robert has entered the scene. She has much to learn about the different levels of betrayal and her own capacity for duplicity. Maggie and Bruno’s marriage is crying out for understanding, and there are some painful truths yet to be uncovered for them both. What future will Maggie choose when the final curtain falls? Lesley Hayes once again unravels the complexities of sexual and family relationships, with insight and a sure eye for the enigmatic patterns of love.


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