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Ice And Secrets
Steamy romantic suspense in Alaska
by Cherime MacFarlane

Silver Medal — Romance Books

A melting glacier, a wild river, gold, and a killer on the prowl… again. 

Lying on the tundra, the churning blades of the helicopter above her, Lane can’t believe her best friend wants her dead. She planned to share the gold. They think they have the proper coordinates… they don’t. She’s injured but not bleeding. Blood would bring bears. When she tries to rise and walk out, the wolves gallop toward her. No one is getting the gold. Micha saw them push the woman from the hovering chopper. Out hunting with his wolf-hybrids, this is an unexpected complication in his life. He stays as far from civilization as he can get. His dogs are illegal. If caught, the state will euthanize the dogs and he’ll be in trouble. Still, he can’t leave her here for bear bait.


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