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Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Storm Chaser
A Novel of the Black Pages
by Danny Bell

2022 Finalist

Elana has taken something that didn’t belong to her. Or at least she tried to, someone beat her to it. Whoever the thief is, it makes no difference to the Japanese storm god Susano-o and his eight headed snake monster, Yamata no Orochi.

Susano-o has sent a mystical storm to flood Los Angeles until his property is returned or Elana is defeated, and for once in her life, no amount of luck is going to save Elana. If she can’t figure out how to best a god, everyone she knows is doomed.

How much of herself is Elana willing to sacrifice to save her city from drowning?

And if she changes, will her city even recognize her?

Storm Chaser is the fourth book in the series The Black Pages


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