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2022 Reader’s Choice Finalists

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Public voting will begin July 10th and will conclude at midnight MST on July 23rd. Winners will be announced in the 3rd Quarter edition of
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Voting and contest details can be found under the “Contest Rules” tab.  Use the filter options to the right to see Highest or Lowest votes or to filter by category.  Voting begins July 10th and ends July 30th.  Good luck to all the finalists!  If you would like to share a listing on social media, click on the entry then use the icons below the cover to share with all your followers.  The heart icon to the left shows the current number of votes.  The eye shows number of views.  I have noticed that if you are using Google Chrome, the page takes longer to update and show the votes.  Other browsers seem to be quicker.

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Title: Revenge by Rebecca Bryn
Author: Melanie P. Smith
Votes: 13

Category: Other Fiction
Views: 106
Description: The most heinous act of treachery in Scottish history and piracy on the high seas bind the lives of strangers, Tom and Andrew, inextricably together. Tom is a young Englishman trying to prove himself worthy of the girl he loves. Andrew, a Scot, hopes to build a better life for his family in New Caledonia, a Scottish trading post on the Darien Isthmus. Driven to revenge, because of England’s stranglehold on the trade routes, the merchants of Scotland bring England and Scotland to the brink of war. Tom and Andrew are on opposing sides when they are thrust together by a chance meeting. Will one of them have to die before England and Scotland can unite in peace?